2020 Mini-Festival: LAGNIAPPE
Saturday 8.22.20 through Saturday 8.29.20

Gloria Chien and Soovin Kim, Artistic Directors
David Serkin Ludwig, Resident Composer

We are delighted to present our 2020 LCCMF Lagniappe! A lagniappe is a small bonus gift – in this case the gift of being able to enjoy music together on Zoom and Vermont Public Radio even though we are at home.

Lagniappe will consist of two Inside Pitch presentations by our Resident Composer David Serkin Ludwig, five hour-long radio shows on VPR of memorable LCCMF performances from our first eleven years, and a special appearance by acclaimed flautist Eugenia Zukerman.

We hope that you will enjoy seeing one another’s faces all week. We definitely plan on having some virtual pre-concert drinks and post-concert dinners with friends around the VPR concert hours! Please share happy memories with each other of past festivals and whet your appetites for our 2021 summer festival, Epiphanies!

Gloria Chien and Soovin Kim

Artistic Directors