LCCMF Resident Composer to Teach a 4-part Class Starting in January

In this 4-part series, David Serkin Ludwig, composer and educator, takes us on an interactive tour of music from the inside out.  He’s titled this series Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Music But Were Afraid to Ask, hoping to attract a range of people, from whose with lots of knowledge about music to novices.

In his inimitable fashion, David will teach the basics with astounding musical examples as well as snippets from history, giving us an insider look at the guts of music.

Participants can sign up for the entire series or pick and choose among the classes. Each class will be a Zoom event on four consecutive Mondays at 7:30pm eastern time, starting on January 25, 2021. Each class, following its initial Zoom session, will be archived for one month.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is now over.