Fault Lines 3, Marilyn Gillis 2012

Marilyn Gillis, a Burlington fabric and graphics artist, has very generously loaned us Fault Lines 3. This wonderful work will form the basis of our marketing “look” for the 2019 season. You’ll see excerpts, clips, colors and the full work on our website, in our season brochure, our program book and posters. We are very grateful to Marilyn for this gift.

The work was created in 2012. It is 20″ wide and 41″ long and is made of cotton fabric, polyester batting discharged hand-dyed and hand-quilted.

Artist Marilyn Gillis

Here’s what Marilyn says about her life and work:

I have spent my adult life doing four important things: raising a daughter, teaching, working for feminist causes, and creating art. I have undergraduate and graduate degrees in human development and education. For forty years I taught high school, undergraduate and graduate college courses in human development. Most of my community and volunteer work has been for feminist agencies and causes. My love of nature has inspired much of my art. For the past forty years I have focused on painting and surface design processes and have used the fabrics and papers I make through these processes to create mixed media art and stitched and layered textiles.

Inspiration most often comes to me during the process of creating rather than before. Using elements of color, line and texture, I act and respond as a piece develops. I start by painting and adding surface design on paper and textiles, then ideas emerge from these. I work intuitively as a piece evolves, without a plan but within loose parameters that are subject to revision as the work progresses. I use a wide range of materials and techniques – whatever helps translate my ideas to the art I am making.

Above all, I am inspired to make art that induces a sense of pleasure. To quote Pierre-Augusta Renoir, “there are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them.”

This is the 6th year that we have worked with a Vermont artist for our marketing:

2014 Carol MacDonald
2015 Lyna Lou Nordstrom
2016 Douglas Biklen
2017 Jerome Milks
2018 Stephanie Kossmann