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Concert pianist and psychiatrist Dr. Richard Kogan explores how the racing thoughts, flight of ideas and sharpened imagination of Schumann’s hypomanic states induced prodigious bursts of creativity until the onset of psychosis led to his tragic final years in an insane asylum.  The discussion will be illuminated by piano performances of Schumann masterpieces including Carnaval and Fantasy in C.

Through a unique combination of brilliant psychiatric insights and superb musicianship, Richard Kogan presents a rich multidimensional profile revealing some of the most intimate sources of Schumann’s enormous creativity, imagination and artistry.     –Yo-Yo Ma

Dr. Kogan will sign copies of his DVD, Music and the Mind: The Life and Works of Robert Schumann after the event.

Tickets $25/FREE for students

Ticket price includes this event and Eugenia Zukerman’s 1:00pm talk.