Inside Pitch 2: American Experimentalism

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David LudwigMusic the early 20th century fractured from the “common practice era” of Bach to Mahler into several distinct streams of styles and practice. As with all artists, creators of music looked for ways to incorporate new techniques into their work while speaking to the political and social upheaval of the time.

In the United States a new approach to composition emerged in the “Experimentalism” that challenged the very nature of music as an art form. This tradition began with the maverick New England composer Charles Ives and continued through composers like Henry Cowell and John Cage. More recently creative artists like Laurie Anderson, Pauline Oliveros and collectives like “Bang on a Can” have sought to question and redefine our understanding of music, itself. Join LCCMF Resident Composer David Serkin Ludwig as we explore the history of American Experimentalism and the effects it has had on music, politics, and the creative life of artists and audience, alike.

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