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The FLUX Quartet was founded more than two decades ago, inspired by the daring interdisciplinary experimental artists of the Fluxus movement. As an ensemble committed to the performance of contemporary music, FLUX has made a name for itself interpreting some of the most unconventional works in the repertoire. Join FLUX and LCCMF Resident Composer David Ludwig at the FlynnSpace for an interactive discussion and engaging concert of music by the brilliantly imaginative Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer, as well as Ludwig’s own Pale Blue Dot.

Murray Shafer, String Quartet No. 5, Rosalind
David Serkin Ludwig, Pale Blue Dot
Murray Shafer, String Quartet No. 13, Alzheimer’s Masterpiece

FLUX Quartet
Tom Chiu and Conrad Harris, violins
Max Mandel, viola
Felix Fan, cello

David Serkin Ludwig, host

TICKETS Adults $40/Students $25/VYOA Students FREE