The Inside Pitch series offers students of all ages a chance to more deeply explore the masterworks presented at the Festival. Join Distinguished Composer-In-Residence David Ludwig, Dean and Director at The Julliard School, as he shares his wealth of knowledge and interviews a host of musical luminaries. Past lectures have featured discussion of Beethoven’s Grosse Fugue, Ravel’s Piano Trio, Bach’s D Minor Partita, among many other, before they are performed by the Festival artists. The series has also featured discussions with Marc Neikrug, Steven Stucky, Joan Tower, William Bolcolm, and poet Katie Ford.

With inside pitch, we want to share with audience members what is special to us as musicians about this music that we’re all so passionate about. To me, knowing about a composer, a piece of music, or even a style, enhances the listening experience beyond the four walls of the concert hall.

— David Ludwig