David Ludwig’s new work, Virtuosity, was commissioned and funded by over 90 donors through our Indiegogo campaign.  We thank them all for their vision and support and for helping to bring this work to life!  

Special thanks to the East Coast Chamber Orchestra and to Hank Mou for helping to coordinate the campaign.  Virtuosity received its world premiere on Sunday, August 18 at the 2013 Festival Opening Concert.

The following people commissioned this work.

Executive Producer

Mayneal Wayland

Concerto Sponsor

Elizabeth Serkin

Featured Commissioning Partners

John Canning

Somak Chattopadhyay and Pia Sawhney

Soovin and Joanne Kim

Carolyn Long

Whitfield, Silverman, and Monk families in memory of Frances Whitfield

Commissioning Partners

Anonymous (2)

Rowan Bauman Swain

Daniel J. Berns

Alan Bise

Brianne Chase

Michael Dabrowski and Jill Rinehart MD

Elizabeth Cho and Lucas Dixon

Stephen Cho

Alida and John Dinklage

Kendra and Charles Dinklage

Evan and Elizabeth Dreyfuss

Pamela Drexel

Anuradha Duggal

Stan and Ann Emery

Dana and Michael Engel

The Fieber Family

Valerie and William Graham

Lori Goldfinger

Roger Foster and Baiba Grube

Barbara and Richard Heilman

Mary Holland

Barbara and Martin LeWinter

P and S Leval

Manuel Mattke

Hank Mou

Frederick Noonan

Alice Outwater

Darrilyn Peters

Edward Reitler

Susan Roney Drennan

Mary and Michael Scollins

Steven Stucky

Jody and Dennis Woos

Gwen Zweber

Commissioning Circle

Susan Angermeier

Margaret M Berlin

David Bloom

Camilla and Michael Bowater

Anne S. Brown

Laurie Burke

Steven Andre Dibner

Liz Evans

Diana Fanning

Reid M. Figel

Joe and Meghann Goetz

Stan and Kay Greenberg

Stephane Levy

Anne Lezak

Buff Lindau and Huck Gutman

Ben and Nan Mason

Joshua Morris

Annaliesa Place

Barbara Rippa

Mostafa Sadeghi

Lea Sherk

Judith Rey-Versweyveld

Douglas P Woos

Tim Woos



Barbara Green

Jane Hill

Eleanor Long 

Rachel Miller

Robert and Dorsey Naylor

Kate and Michael Stein

Judith Selin

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