Artist Interview - Deborah Pae

Deborah Pae


Livingston, NJ 


I went to Julliard for my undergraduate. I did my masters at New England Conservatory. I just finished an artist in residency at Queen Elisabeth Chapelle in Brussels, Belgium. 

What do you do for the festival? 

I play the cello in a variety of different repertoire. I don’t necessarily have a favorite piece that I’ve performed. Playing the solo Bach Concert was really exciting, but so was the opening concert. That was exciting because of the radio broadcast and the packed house.

What do you love about the LCCMF?

I love getting to see old friends that I’ve played with in the past. It’s like a big reunion. I also love the atmosphere, from the staff to the audience members.

What was your favorite LCCMF moment? 

A funny moment was when we were warming up backstage, but the opening concert hadn’t started yet. I heard clapping, and wondered why.  They were making an announcement that the show was on live radio. Gloria reminded me that we were live, and it really hit me that many people would be listening in to our performance. 

Why do you love music?

 I gravitate towards music the most. I feel that I can express myself most directly with music. It’s been part of my life forever. I can’t imagine not having music in my life.

Suggested Composer/artist:

 The first person I thought of was Anner Bylsma. He is a Dutch cellist. He had a huge influence on baroque music and cello playing. He had a huge influence on me while working in Amsterdam. He is a phenomenal musician. He speaks about music not through technical terms, but with analogies, anecdotes, and random thoughts that at first seem tangential until they make complete sense. 

 Suggested Piece

I’ll give you something that’s not cello music. The first time I heard it I was blown away. I recently saw an opera called Jenufa by Janacek. It is really powerful music and very dynamic and emotional.

 What’s next?

I will be going to Japan in a couple of weeks for concerts. That’s the next project, which I’m really excited for. I love visiting Japan.