Behind The Scenes Interview- Tom Bergeron


Essex Junction, Vermont

What do you do for the festival?

I am the stage manager. I also help out as much as I can with various tasks.

Why do you love the LCCMF?

The music is amazing. Being around allof these musicians is an amazing experience.

What was your favorite LCCMF moment?

I played in the master class with Radavan.  It was a surreal moment to realize that I was playing with one of the best French horn players in the world.

Why do you love music?

Its an outlet for when you are stressed or angry. It helps you channel your emotions into something else.

Do you play an instrument? 

Yes, I play piano, French horn, and I sing.

Suggested Composer/artist: 

I like Mozart. I also like Leonard Bernstein.

Suggested Listening:

Strauss Horn Concerto, all of them.