Behind The Scenes Interview - Hannah Christian


Chattanooga, Tennessee

 What do you do for the festival?

I’m an intern. I am here to learn more about arts management and festival coordination. I’m happy to learn from a well-established organization.

Why do you love the LCCMF?

It seems like a wonderful organization that brings world class artists to the Burlington area. It exposes wonderful music to the community.

What was your favorite LCCMF moment?

The Brahms trio with Radavan, Soovin, and Gloria. That was an incredible performance.

Why do you love music?

Because it is is a universal language and you can touch people across all cultures. It is the one thing that can unite people of all backgrounds 

Do you play an instrument? 

I play clarinet. I played since I was 10 years old. I love playing in concert bands. I play in a wind ensemble at Lee University as a community member.

Suggested Composer/artist:

My favorite composers are Stravinsky and Brahms.

Suggested Listening:

Messiaen Quartet for the End Of Time.