Behind The Scenes Interview- Annie Jeong


I’m a native of Seoul, Korea. 

What do you do for the festival? 

I’m the personal assistant of the artistic director and librarian. I give rides to musicians. I look after Nolan. I also help with the other interns.  

Why do you love the LCCMF?

The reason I keep coming back is because of the people. I get to meet all of the beautiful people of Vermont, and listen to the great music.  

What was your favorite LCCMF Moment?

When people appreciate what the interns do, and say thank you to us. They acknowledge that we are important for the festival to run smoothly.  

Why do you love music?

Music brings you life! I can’t imagine the world without music. When we listen to music it brightens one’s heart. It can change your mood and greatly effect you.

Do you play an instrument? 

Yes, I’m a violinist. I studied with Soovin Kim. 

Suggested Composer/artist: 

My favorite composer is Beethoven.

Suggested Listening: 

One of my all time favorite pieces is the Mozart Clarinet Quintet in A Major, K.58