Sights and Sounds #3

8/25/15, 10:53 AM

Jody meets with the team, discusses plans for Bach In Church. Rainstorm. Ushers with umbrellas help arriving music-lovers arrive.


1:22 PM, 8/25/15

The listeners filter out of the St. Paul’s cathedral, smiles on their faces.  They just heard Deborah Pae perform Bach’s Suite no. 3 in C Major, and Suite No. 5 in c minor. Deborah Pae’s performance was captivating. She performed from memory, most often with her eyes closed. Her connection and comfortabilty with the cello was astounding. Before each movement began, she put on a facial expression, interpreting the mood of the movement. She moved her body with the music, steady and flowing, then abrupt and strong. At the end of a movement she would carry her arm past the cello and upwards, to carry through her motion. A look of bliss and power came to her face at each cadence. The sound carried through St. Paul’s cathedral with clarity. Every overtone rang loudly. A successful performance.


2:37 PM, 8/25/15

Back at Elley-Long Music Center. Musicians are warming up, pianos and chairs are moving around. Everyone just enjoyed hot sandwiches. Jody is talking to the audio engineers. Dana is working on publicity photos. Seabass is working on the ipad software. Jason is asking everyone interview questions for the upcoming features (soon to be posted.)